• The Olivia (map)
  • 315 W33rd
  • New York NY 10001
  • USA

Join us this Friday at The Olivia (315 West 33rd Street), for a private Salon facilitated by Myron Tucker. Doors open at 5:00 pm, the screening begins at 5:30 pm. Tickets are available free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Myron is a collaborative builder. He has successfully managed the construction of many real estate projects on both the East and West Coasts. Additionally, Myron is a Life Fitness Coach. His style of coaching involves mind, body, and spirit transformative exercises. Essentially, Myron helps people "get out of their own way".

Myron has been a student of the “New Thought” Movement for more than a decade. He is involved in the constant study of Science of Mind and A Course in Miracles texts. and follows the teachings of Rev. Michael Beckwith and Bob Proctor.

He is an active member of Toastmasters International Public Speaking Organization. He mentors members and competes in both Inspirational and Humorous Speech Contests.

More recently he started producing his Motivational Videos (aka “Motivational Shorts”) on YouTube. Myron continues to ask himself, “What am I not seeing?” as a way to constantly challenge his current awareness.

A member of our community since 2011, Myron joined our organizing team in 2015.